Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Update April 6 - We're at anchor!


We often stop at De Tatch for a fresh orange juice or breakfast during our morning walks. 

April 1 - April Fool's Day - We fell for the news that the last Spider Man actor Tom Holland would be the next Dr. Who. Other than that, kind generous cruiser friends who are building a house up the peninsula lent us their golf cart for the week (they have a regular car)! So we spent the day out at the boat repairing sudden problems. First it was the lack of water due to the pump over heating and failing. Scott was able to buy a new one from Belize City and they flew it down to us (it's only money). Then our shore power (and air conditioning as a result) failed due to the electrical connection at the steering pedestal burning out (did I mention it's 89 degrees, feels like 96). That was really old and he was able to get a new one locally. But the evening ended beautifully when our Belgium friend Marc took us out for dinner!

Mariposa Resort where we sometimes have lunch and swim in the pool - which is over to the right.

April 2 - We were down at the boat early working but returned in time for the 3 PM Trivia contest at Yoli's. Good week - we came in second. And we've been stopping at the Mariposa resort for lunch and a swim in their pool for a few days. That night was Yoli's Granny's 89th birthday and it was a big celebration under tents between Yoli's and Meryl's Cafe - music, food, lots of people.

Our apartment kitchen set for dinner

The porch and table

April 3 - We only spent a few hours in the morning working and then enjoyed the weekly BBQ at Yoli's - are you still feeling bad for us? 

April 4 - Scott got the first Hooky Pooky water taxi over to Independence and met the Customs and Post Office officials. He was back by 10 AM on the boat and the two mechanics showed up right away and worked all day till 5 PM. It's going well but a hydraulic hose needs to be replaced so Scott is back on the first Hooky Pooky tomorrow morning for a new hose and hopefully, they will finish. Meanwhile I'm washing down all the walls in the boat with vinegar, doing some provisioning and cooking. As soon as it cools down outside a bit, I'll put a new coat of teak oil on our exterior teak. It looks like a norther is coming in on Friday night so that means it will be next week before we can leave. Quiet last night at our apartment eating the chicken curry I made. We're moving back to the boat tomorrow.

Chicken Curry special at Mariposa. I copied it for
our dinner Monday night (with lots of leftovers)

April 5 - Scott was able to get the hydraulic hose but the right fittings were not available. I packed up and vacated our apartment and moved us back to our boat by 9AM hoping our mechanics would get an early start but they couldn't come until 3 PM. BUT they finished up that afternoon. We went back over to the Mariposa with newly returned cruiser friends on Blue Jacket for drinks and a swim. Then a quiet dinner on the boat.

April 6 - Our next challenge was getting enough money out of the bank to pay for all this. Scott was able to arrange a transfer to the bank from our States account and we paid the mechanics and the Boatyard. The high tide was 12:30 PM and we left right on time after a slight glitch - all the work had accidently detached the line to the fuel pump. It was an easy motor back out to Placencia Harbor where we gratefully anchored and popped two beers to celebrate! 

So now we are checking the weather for a weather window north. A cold front is coming in Friday night and then they'll be squalls through Sunday so not until Monday at the earliest. We'll keep you posted...

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