Thursday, January 25, 2018

Semuc Champey, Guatemala

My next post will give all the details of our 3 day trip to Coban. Here's some pictures from our visit to Semuc Champey, a remote beautiful series of pools and waterfalls in the mountains of Guatemala. It took us 7 hours to get there, 3 hours on a road that looked like a stream bed. Unfortunately it was overcast, cool and too late in the day to enjoy the wonderful swimming and hiking. The walk up to a viewing place where you can see all the pools at one time would have taken us another couple of hours. But this is a place we hope to come back to and stay for a few days - in warmer sunnier weather.
Dave & Ellen of Cordelia, Scott & Heather, Jim & Renate of Emerald Seas, our friend
Linda on Just Now didn't make this group shot.
This bridge tested our drivers fortitude - and ours too as we
were standing up in the back of the cattle car!
Here's the view on the way back. Only one
vehicle at a time!
It was fairly cold but I dressed even warmer
as I was still recovering from bronchitis
Looking down the valley
A series of paths and steps followed along
the pools.
The water varies in color and would be even more amazing
if we'd had any sun.

Water cascades down from pool to pool and
you can see the steep cliffs that form the
On our cloudy misty day the water often looks pale green.

A raging river comes down the narrow canyon and drops
underground, reappearing after several pools. These pools
are fed by a multitude of streams that pour down the sides of
the narrow valley. 

Renate and Jim pose with our guide.

The small pools are fringed with lovely ferns.

A few hardy young souls used the waterfalls to slide from
one pool to another.