Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Finally in Isla Mujeres

We have finally arrived in Isla Mujeres, almost a month later than hoped and expected. But we are safely anchored in the harbor and will check into the country tomorrow. We left Cozumel at 7:30 AM. We used the engine only twice - once to push off from the mooring ball and second to enter the complicated channel into the Isla harbor. And it worked fine. Scott had changed all the filters and felt sure it would. But we sailed all the rest of the way and kept our mainsail up until we anchored. We had a lot of wind almost on the nose for the first 80 % of the trip - 16 - 20 knots with gusts up to 24. This wind was against us and the 3 knot current which we had with us. So we were going over 9 knots for hours due to the current. And the waves, supposed to be 4 -5 ft were much bigger. But our boat is good in these situations, just not us. We barely managed to drink water and hit the head for 6 hours. Then the wind and waves subsided as we neared Isla, exited the current, and the wind diminished as well. 
Tomorrow we will talk to the two possible Marinas here and then we'll have dinner with cruiser friends Jens and Dani, who called to welcome us as soon as we arrived at 4 PM. Then we had our celebratory beer and a nap. Later I made corn chowder for dinner while we enjoyed the sunset. 
The view of the sunset off our stern at Isla Mujeres. It looks so peaceful and empty. NO WAY - coming into the harbor we passed hundreds of boats. The shore of the island was packed with more boats, beaches packed with people. But where we are anchored, at the back of the harbor, it is possible to look out at this view. 

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