Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Safe and Happy in Placencia, Belize

Scott Free at anchor off South Water Cay, Belize on Easter morning

Breakfast at the Blue Marlin Resort

 We had a wonderful week sailing south from Isla Mujeres to Placencia, Belize. We pulled away from the dock mid afternoon, fueled up and then anchored for the night. There is lots of work getting the boat ready for a sea cruise. The next morning we were off early for the 50 mile trip to Cozmel. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed cruising by the fancy hotels that stretch for miles and miles along the beach at Cancun and further south on the Mexican Riveria. Cozmel is a nice easy anchorage and we had a quiet night. Off again at 6am for an overnight off shore.
This cottage is just waiting for you!
 It was what we like, uneventful. We even got to sail without the "iron jenny" for part of the time. We had less wind than expected so did have to motor sail some of the way.  But it was a quiet night with an almost full moon and no other boat traffic to worry about.
The next day at noon we entered the ship channel and by 4pm were anchored off Colson Cay holding a celebratory cold beer.
Our weather guru Chris had more good news for us in the morning on the SSB - days ahead of good weather. So we decided to visit beautiful South Water Cay, perched on the outer reef for a few days. As you can see from these photos, it was a great choice.
Scott walking in from the dinghy dock
 There are two resorts on either end, very low key and a "University" in-between, IZE. Students from Providence College in RI were there "studying'' for 2 weeks.  We had a delicious lunch there and generally swam and relaxed for 2 days.
But then it was time to check into the country and we are now anchored in Placencia. I'm at the computer cafe catching up and Scott took a bus to a town 1.5 hours away to visit Customs and Immigration. Brent and Wilma are arriving on Friday to join us for a great week. Wish you were all coming too!
This is a "road" on South Water Cay

Where there's not much to do?

Although you could take "courses" at IZE