Sunday, October 26, 2014

James and Morgen's Wedding

Our son, James, and Morgen walk down the aisle, husband
and wife. The wedding was September 20th. These
photos were taken by Porter Watkins
James Garren & Morgen Pavlovic Wedding
The happy beautiful couple

The Garren Family. Left to right, Will, Sean, Scott, Heather, Ariella, Shira, Maya, James, Morgen, Daniel,
Jonathan, Joshua, Michal and Zoe. We really missed having Zoe's husband George and sons, Nick and Tommy with us.

Morgen's sister and brother-in-law Claire and Bill on the left and Morgen's
parents, Kris and Karl on the right.

Ariella, Maya and Shira were the
flower girls

Jonathan and Daniel looking spiffy

The wedding party in front of the lovely home at Rocklands Farm. As you can see, it was the perfect day (in every way).

The Barn where we had the reception. Behind the barn at the
lowest level they set up the bar and appetizers. Then we
moved upstairs
Rockland Farm is an organic farm and
winery in Poolesville, Maryland.
Deborah, Marty, Leslie and Dave at the table, decorated
with beautiful flowers all done by Morgen's mother and Aunt.
David Wood and Julie Wolf 
Michal, Josh and Shira
Scott's brother Brent and wife Wilma
Dave and Leslie Silverstein
Larry Barns and Heather
Luke Barns 
Gail Smith demonstrates some great moves. Behind her is
Molly Wolf, Scott's cousin Lisa and her daughter Marlena
and son Gabriel.
Will and Sean enjoy a dance. Behind are Molly and Luke
This is my shot - Deb, Marty, Russ and Dick.
Family group, Josh, Brent's daughter Swanda, Ana Lua, Lisa, Brent, Gabriel, Wilma, Marlena, Sean and Michal
In the front Jonathan, Shira, Ariella, Daniel and Maya. (back to Porter's photos)
Morgen's Dad, Karl, made the cake
And I coordinated a team of family and friends to make
 10 pies. The color is off in this shot.
These next are now from my camera; Here, Jenny works on
 one of the 10 pies we made for the wedding.
James picked out the recipe and it was complicated but
delicious and very beautiful. Sean, Wandi, Jenny and Ariella
were my most active partners.
Ariella and Paula at the wedding
We rented the Am Kohel Sanctuary Center near the wedding
location for 6 days and our immediate family stayed there
with us (and Jenny). It slept 22 and we had the rehearsal
dinner there on Friday night and a Brunch on Sunday.
We had a tent set up for 40 on the lawn just off the deck
James, Zoe and Scott get in line for the
BBQ dinner.