Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

Dick's timed photo of our Fourth of July group 2013 (minus David Wood who had to leave early)
Piper and Lisa enjoy some quiet reading time
It was a wonderful long Fourth of July party this year. Twenty one friends and family gathered yet again to celebrate together. The Wolfs, Silversteins, Bond/D'Arpas and Barns families were all well represented. Both our sons came up for their vacations with their significant others; James & Morgen (newly engaged) and Sean & Will. Piper drove up from Washington with her girlfriend Lisa. David Wood joined us for the first couple of days but the Youmans were unable to make it this year. In the large picture above top row from left to right is Dick Bond, Julie Wolf with boyfriend Jeff, David & Leslie Silverstein, Piper, Lisa, Sean, Will, Heather and Scott
Sean and Piper look unusually pensive
The second row is Larry Barns, Marty & Russ Wolf, Morgen, Jenny, Luke, Molly and Debbie D'Arpa. James and Scott are down in front.
The weather generally cooperated with occasional showers and thunderstorms later in the afternoon or in the evening. We managed to eat outdoors most of the time. There were daily trips to Spring Lake and the waterfall on the river. Most walked up and maybe down to the lake and on the Long Trail. We all cooked and ate at least three times a day with lots of conferences on the menus. And the food was amazing! On Saturday night the Silversteins, Sean, Will, Luke and Jenny went up to their home in Waitsfield to get some sleep before the
Lots of conversation groups form out on the deck

Scott and Deb
Mad River Marathon on Sunday. Sean and Will ran the full distance and Jenny, Scott and Luke each ran one third as a relay team. Will and Sean had hoped to qualify for the Boston Marathon but this was an extremely hard race with 1,000 feet of elevation change. Nevertheless Will came very close to the 3 hours and 5 minute goal and although Sean came in later, he was still in the top twenty. Our relay team, with little training, ran the whole way and did great. Scott and I drove up very early Sunday morning and were there for the 7:30am start. Afterwards the Silversteins had a terrific barbecue lunch for us all.
Deb, Marty, Jenny and Luke

The two tables are packed at mealtimes

Looking the other direction

Scott and Leslie are rapt listeners

James and Sean brought up lots of board games

Larry and Russ pack up the endless beer and wine bottles

Marty and Deb cook up a storm

Games and conversation in the living room

Relaxing out on the lawn

Scott whips up some Bahn Mi sandwiches

While Lisa and Piper make special orange cocktails

Enjoyed by pretty much everyone 

Since no one went fishing we're not sure what was that big

Sous chef Mollie sets up the buffet table

James made fantastic asparagus risotto

Why can't I have some? says Sam

When the side deck was wet we had our coffee up front

Will and Sean stayed two weeks - Yeh!

Milling about on the front lawn

Jenny, Lisa and Scott relax in the kitchen

My camera's version of the group shot