Tuesday, September 05, 2023

On the Road Again, and Again...

The view from our timeshare at the Bethel Inn in Bethel, Maine 

Recently a good friend and neighbor here in Shrewsbury, after hearing a recital of our coming trips, asked, "Do you really love all this traveling?" Well, I had to admit that I do.  I've had itchy feet since I was born and an excess of energy. But it is true that some of the trips this summer and coming in the fall have been stressful and keep us away from what normally would be our season at home. My sister Paula's stroke and dealing with her future and finances has been and will be very difficult. Although the four weeks we're spending with our youngest son and his new family are wonderful, we do miss enjoying our home here in Vermont. 

We enjoyed a walking path along the river

Rowan generally loves his dinosaurs, but this 
was a little much!

Happiness is....

We had a lovely morning at the Bethel
Inn's Lake House.

Last week we were in Maryland, this week in Maine (with Sean, Will and Rowan) and then directly on to Montana for our second Tortugeezer Reunion (Cruisers from the Tortugal Marina in Guatemala). After a while home with several visitors, we're back to my sister's to finish cleaning out her apartment.  We'll spend Thanksgiving with our daughter and her family in Palo Alto, CA. After Christmas at home, we're heading out across the country again this coming winter. We'll leave on the first of January and plan to return the beginning of May. This year we'll stay further south and turn around in Arizona. We already have 3 weeks reserved near the National Seashore in Florida and almost a week in Big Bend National Park. On the way home we'll visit our oldest son Josh and his family in Dallas and see the total eclipse of the sun on April 8. 

Scott's brother Brent came for a visit with his wife
Wilma but this is he, their cousin Lisa and 
Scott on a hike.

But I'm determined not to face the 2 or 3 feet of snow we had to dig out of twice and the icy driveway and roads. We'll drive our RV down to Maryland, in early December, leave it there and visit Paula.  It will stay down there until we drive back January 1st.  

I can foresee however our RV cross country traveling days slowing down.  But no sense planning ahead that far now! And there will still be a road beckoning ahead for sure.