Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Update April 12 - Plans are made!

 April 7 - Thursday

Our new cruiser friends Roni & Jerry heard that we were renting golf carts and taxi's and insisted we borrow their golf cart for a week. They are building a house just north of Thunderbird Boatyard and are still living on their boat at the dock there. They have a car as well so the golf cart was a spare.  We took our friend Marc and his newly arrived crew Volker up to the Maya Beach Bistro for dinner. 

April 8 - Friday

Roni & Jerry checked out this morning and we took them out for lunch and a swim at Mariposa and returned their much appreciated golf cart. 

Roni & Jerry

That evening as predicted the cold front blasted it's way south with squalls up to 30 knots all night. Happily the holding is good in Placencia harbor and no one (as far as we know) dragged. But the hatch over my bed started leaking again with the heavy rain and I had to move to the v berth. Funny how you get used to every day noises, in the stern stateroom it's the dinghy creaking and the wind generator over our heads. But in the v berth it's halyards beating against the mast and the anchor chain that's creaking. But my mantra was, "I'm safe and dry so stop complaining!"

Two of Reagan's workers helped us reinforce our dinghy. A quite lovely piece of mahogany was
bolted on the stern to provide a strong anchor for our outboard.

Scott's got a list of boat repairs and projects to complete but the leak in the water system has found a new outlet (Mark had found one source when he and Connie were visiting) and it's in an inaccessible location. So we're conserving water like crazy. Yoli let me have a long hot shower at her home.

April 9 - Saturday

It rained and blew all day but we had a fun afternoon at Yoli's. It's Trivia afternoon at 3 PM and we teamed up with John & Shelia and came in a respectable third. No walk today - too wet.

April 10 - Sunday

It cleared up nicely for Yoli's BBQ and what a fun afternoon with lots of friends and great food. 

Marc and I and Volker 

Yoli & Reagan at the BBQ cooking ribs, chicken, pork chops and this week only, lamb steaks

April 11 Monday

We talked to Chris Parker, our weather guru on the SSB this morning and it looks good for starting north on Thursday and making it to Isla Mujeres on Monday. We have to check out on Wednesday as Customs, Immigration and Port Control are closed for Easter holidays. Rosie & Don, our long time cruiser friends from Montana on Chickcharne arrived and we went out to Rick's for dinner with Rosie's daughter Monica, who had just flown in.

Heather, Scott, Rosie and Don having fun as always

April 12 - Tuesday

We spoke to Chris again this morning and have made our plans. Tomorrow Scott will clear out of the country (they are closing early on Thursday and no one knows how early it will be). Thursday we'll head north to the Reserve Marina to fill up with water and then anchor. Friday we'll sail north to Bannister Bogue above the ship channel and anchor. Saturday we'll carefully exit through a gap in the reef and sail overnight up the coast. On Sunday we should arrive in Cozmel later afternoon and anchor for the night. Monday we'll sail up to Isla Mujeres and check in. We haven't settled on a Marina yet. Our former Tortugal cruiser friends Dani and Jens are there right now and we'll be hanging out with them. HOPEFULLY!!! I'll try and put a quick update in underway if possible. 

The end of Yoli's dock is a favorite hangout for 
the birds.

Amazing flowers everywhere on our walk!

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