Thursday, April 28, 2022

Close Call for a Weather WIndow!


Dani and Heather on Scott Free Saturday night. They came for dinner..
April 25th. We took off early in the morning (after the weather forecast) to walk into town while the sun wasn't too hot. Breakfast at Mariscos de Huma on Hidalgo, the main, walking only, street was delicious and fun people watching. Then we found the Mercado, public market, where Scott scored some chaya, Mexican spinach plant. I'll use it for a soup or stew. It was a lazy day for me actually. We ordered pizza from Oscar's for dinner!

We walked this lovely beach on the ocean side of the island on our way back from the Mercado. The beaches on the protected side of the island are packed with people and restaurants.

April 26th - This morning Stormy (one of Chris' weather forecasters) told us that a good weather window was coming up, leaving Friday morning. We fired off emails to anyone who had expressed an interest in crewing. They would have to fly down tomorrow Wednesday if they wanted to come with us as we needed to all be here for a full day of checking out of Mexico on Thursday. That was too soon for everyone, although Sean tried very hard to arrange transportation from Denver, where he was working. But he would have had to fly overnight from L.A. and that was just too much! But kudos for trying!

Three of the staff pose while they prep for the BBQ. This is our communal kitchen which the guests can use to cook their meals. 

Carlos and his helper came early and spent the day cleaning one of our fuel tanks and polishing our fuel. Scott spent the day watching them and assisting. I sat up at the Marina enjoying the breeze and getting to know some of our neighbors. That evening was the weekly BBQ here, fantastic buffet with grilled fish and ribs, lots of vegetables and salads ($20 each). The staff here, all men, do the shopping and cooking. Pretty much all the guests signed up - fun evening. 

April  27 - We were carefully set up to listen to Chris this morning up at the Marina. We didn't want to take a chance the internet would fade out. The SSB isn't very clear tied up here. And it was a good thing we did. Chris started out describing our 3 day passage and then said, "Oh, Oh!" This doesn't look good." Saturday night the wind was ramping up and turning northeasterly. Right on the nose. He advised that we wait until next week. Boy, were we glad we didn't arrange for a crew member to come down today. If they had come, we would have probably left on Friday and had a difficult time. But with a crew member we would have managed - not just the two of us The alternate strategy would have been to stop in the Dry Tortugas, or go up to Naples on the west side of Florida, which is really out of our way. 

We walked into the north end of the island and had lunch at the North Garden restaurant. It was really hot in the mid day sun and I thought about "mad dogs and Englishmen". We hitchhiked back. This works out incredibly well. We only put our thumbs out for golf carts with only 1 couple and almost always get picked up. Dani & Jens gave us this advice and we've been doing it a lot. 

So we're here for another week and with mixed feelings. We love it here and are enjoying the island and our Marina very much. But it is getting really late for getting home. We have many doctor/dentist appointments in mid May and our insurance company wants us in the Chesapeake by June 1st. It could take weeks going up the east coast once we get to Florida. Oh well, one day at ta time 

Achiote (also known as annatto) paste
is rubbed into the fish and then the filets
are layered in the rack with sliced onions
and tomatoes. Yummy!

Sunset off the end of our pier at El Milagro

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