Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Baby News


Our youngest son Sean and his husband had their first baby on July 10th. Rowen Tyler was 8 lbs 11 oz and he's doing wonderfully. Sean's close friend from High School volunteered to carry their child. She's a wonderful person and we are all so grateful. They all spent three nights all together in the hospital. Sean and Will had a room with the baby close by. 

We had quite a difficult time getting out of Vermont that morning. As many of you have been reading, Vermont suffered a Federal Emergency qualifying storm with heavy rains over 48 hours. Highways, Towns and Homes were flooded all up and down the Green Mountain chain and over in upstate New York. The numbered highway at the end of our street was flooded in both directions. But we managed to use back roads and make over to Route 7 and down to Massachusetts before turning east. It was a long drive, but a happy ending. We're staying here helping out till the 19th before retuning to handle some chores. Then we'll be back to welcome our daughter Zoe and son Josh & his family who are flying in for a visit. 

Sean, Will and Rowan

We wore masks for the first day.

Happy Grandpa