Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Update Wednesday, March 30th & news on March 31

March 31 news: Scott managed to get someone at the Independence Post Office this afternoon and found out that the part is there. But Customs needs to see the part and establish a fee so they arranged a meeting on Monday morning over there. Independence is across the lagoon from Placencia and Scott will need to take the 7:30 AM Hokey Poky water taxi to be at the office at 8 AM. He's now trying to reach our mechanic and the boatyard manager to arrange for the repair work as soon as possible. BUT we now can start to make plans!

 This is just a quick update on our situation. Really not much has changed. Our part arrived in Belize City on Monday and we had hopes it would be here in Placencia soon. But we visited the local Post Office yesterday morning and they announced that the entire country's Post Offices would be closing "for end of the year inventory" as of Noon and would reopen on Friday! Can you imagine that happening in the States?

Yoli's husband Reagan is the master
BBQ chef - here yummy pork chops

Scott and Yoli hanging out together

Meanwhile we are settled in our very simple but comfortable (except for the lack of air conditioning, although we have several fans) one bedroom apartment behind our friend Yoli's bar and home. A number of our cruising friends are still here so we enjoy their company in the evenings. During the day we take several walks, eat out occasionally and swim at the nearby beach. So no complaints...I'll let you know when we have news.

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