Thursday, August 24, 2023

Summer Catchup!

Recent Photo of Rowan

Scott and Rowan

Heather singing to Rowan

Sean nursing

Will and guess who?

Zoë laughing at one of her great jokes


It's been a long time since my last post. Our new grandson Rowan is now 6 weeks old and thriving. His Dads, Sean and Will, are tired at times, like all new parents, but loving every minute (well, almost every one). And so are we! Scott and I were down helping for the first two weeks and then returned for another visit while our son James and his family came up. Our oldest son Josh and his kids flew into town to meet their new nephew/cousin and our daughter Zoë came for a week. So it's been wonderful family time. 

Playing with Kolya on the beach in Boston

Wine tasting with my appetizers at Pierce's
Store in Shrewsbury

Our friends Kristi & Roxanne 
entertain us at the wine tasting.

Spring Lake in the evening during our dinner at our friends
Lily & Eldred's cabin.

Just a few of the 20 people who came.

A corner of the Art in the Park in Rutland.

Cookie, Joshua, Heather & Scott in Sean & Will's 

Jonathan, Shira, Maya and Michal

Morgen & Kolya

James admiring his new nephew.

The bad news for us was that my only sister Paula had a fall and a stroke down in Maryland. Her cognitive ability has not been compromised but after a month in Rehab she still hasn't been able to get out of bed and stand, let along walk. Scott and I went down for a week in late July and will be there again next week. We are looking at long term health care facilities for her here in Vermont and down in Maryland. 

Everyone enjoyed the Lake and all three of the
kids made it out to the swim raft!

We bought a Corn Hole game for the yard.

Bill, Kolya, Nora, Gracie, Claire, James and 
Morgen at the Fourth of July gathering.

Leslie shows off her Flag Cake. She's been making
it every year for our gettogether.

The stream was a fun adventure for all the kids.

James and Morgen.

Doug with his Indian takeout meal.


We had a wonderful Fourth of July gathering again this year. A total of 22 people came over 5 days. Sean & Will and Dick & Debbie were the only absentees (and of course a few of the second generation). James, Morgen and Kolya came up from Washington DC with Morgen's sister Claire and her family - Bill and their two girls, Grace & Nora. Marty & Russ with daughters Jenny & Julie, David & Leslie with son Scott and his family - Laura & Calvin, Larry & Zuzia and Larry's son Luke, Doug & Pat - and Scott & I. The weather mostly cooperated with lots of swimming in the Lake and exploring our stream and woods. There was a trip to the Montshire Museum of Science and the King Arthur Flour store. But mostly we caught up on our lives and current events over lots of food and drink. Unfortunately we forgot to take a group photo this year and in fact, very few photos got taken!

My sister Paula in the hospital.

Shrewsbury, our home town, is chocked full of events. We attended concerts, a wine tasting with appetizers (I made 20 plates of antipasto), Bone Builders, and many dinners over with friends. One day we drove into Saratoga Springs to attend a Lincoln Center String Quartet concert at SPAC and afterwards walked around town and ate dinner at a sidewalk table. We also saw two performances of  Opera North over in N.H. and Fidelio at the Middlebury Opera. Another String Ensemble concert was held in Woodstock. If we'd had time, we could have done 4 times more! We enjoyed Art in the Park on the Rutland Green with craftspeople, artists, food and live music. 

Scott is busy with 2 Boards, the Rutland Farmer's Food Center and Green Mountain Neighbors. I volunteer at Pierce's Store and I'm active in the Rutland Garden Club. Scott and I designed the website for them and run it, including a blog. We both volunteer also at our library and ferry new immigrants that have recently settled in Boston from Syria around the Rutland area. 

Last shot - and it's Rowan!