Thursday, September 15, 2016

Summer Fun

The view of our home as you come up the path from the parking area - just taken September 13th!
And now looking down at the pond, lawn, garage and shed from the path. Most of the flowers have gone now but it is still GREEN!
Well two months and more have gone by since I last posted. We've had lots of guests and only a few trips away - and those were short ones. Jenny and Julie Wolf and Gail Smith came for brief visits as did Harpal and Jennie Dharma with David Wood. Scott's brother Brent, his wife Wilma, daughter LaVern and grandson Joseph came up for a wonderful week. In September we had Tom and Coleen, cruiser friends formerly of "Unplugged", and my cousins Joanie, Kent and Nancy. Our trips away were to Karen and Ted Martin in Falmouth, MA, Gail Smith in Gloucester and Larry Barns in Essex, NY. Coming up next month we'll visit my sister Paula and James and Morgen down in Maryland/Washington DC. They'll be a visit to the Annapolis Boat Show during that weekend. Scott's looking at replacing our radar.
Then at the end of October we'll be attending Suzanne Falter's wedding in Oakland, CA followed by a week with daughter Zoe and her family in Palo Alto. Finally, we fly to Costa Rica for a week with oldest son Josh's family and then on to Guatemala and back to Scott Free on the Rio Dulce. Whew! The garden has been a constant source of work and enjoyment. The years of planting perennials have started to really pay off. We have color now the entire season. Without the help of gardener Katherine Heald it would all go to wrack and ruin but she promises that it will get easier. Hmm... Theater and concert opportunities are endless here. Just a sampling; Marriage of Figaro, Daughter of the Regiment, Magic Flute, Evita, Mama Mia, two segments of the Norman Conquests, Murder for Two, lots of chamber/orchestral music (VSO, Marlboro, Killington Chamber Music Festival and the Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival) and much more low brow stuff. There's just so much to do. One constant is hiking. The Appalachian Trail is right up the road from us and we try to get some sort of hike in most every day.
Scott hiking the Appalachian Trail north of Killington
With sometimes steep descents
Everything was so green and lush
Gerry & Chryl Martin, neighbors and friends here in
Shrewsbury, joined us for an afternoon at the Marlboro
Chamber Music Festival.
We picked 20 pounds of blueberries at the Monadnock
Berry Farm
They were incredibly prolific! You didn't have to move at all.
Scott's brother Brent on a hike up to Little Rock Pond
Heather rests a minute on the trail
Brent's family took the gondola up Killington with Scott &
I to have lunch. Brent walked up.
Joseph, Brent's grandson, and I hiked up to the peak
It was a beautiful day
Celebrating at the top
Brent & Wilma with daughter LaVern and grandson, Joseph
We also hiked along the bike path in Falmouth on a visit to
Karen & Ted Martin
The view from their home in North Falmouth at sunset
Sean passes the baton to Laura on the 100 on 100 race. Sean,
Will, Scott Silverstein and girlfriend Laura, plus 2 others
ran 100 miles on Rt. 100 in one day. David & Leslie
Silverstein and ourselves spent the day cheering them on!
On the leg up Killington, Sean wore formal
At the top after an exhausting run uphill, he had shed
some of his clothing.
Will picks up the baton, now in the dark..
And takes off fast.
Gail, Heather, Leslie and Jen at the Quarry at Rockport
The inlet at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester. That's Salt Island center distant and the Smith's home is on the cliffs far
left above the private section of the beach.

Scott enjoys a big plate of fried clams at Rockport.
Colin, Will, Sean, Leslie and Jen pose at White Shutters
 in Gloucester
Heather and godson Colin 
Heather and Gail in Gloucester 
Donna Swartz checks out the Library Haystack
Dinner & Dance Buffet at the Town Hall.
The Shrewsbury Community Blues Band entertained.
Larry, Christine and Heather on a hike along Lake Champlain
near Larry's home in Essex.
The view along the Lake over to Vermont

Heather poses on a long walk along Lake Champlain
Our beloved Senator Bernie Sanders speaks
at a rally in Brandon, VT
Coleen, Scott and Tom pose in front of their huge RV. They tow a car on the back plus there is a motorcycle mounted on the
rear of the RV and two bicycles on the car! This is their only home now. They sold "Unplugged" in March.
Tom Bartley and Coleen Coyle
Scott, Heather, Harpal, Jeannie and David pose at the
Mountain View Resort where we had lunch
My cousin Joanie came up for a visit with her husband Kent
and my other cousin Nancy. Unfortunately we only got this
one picture during a hike around Spring Lake.