Sunday, May 08, 2016

Belize Cruising Season 2016 in Photos

Scott Free under sail with our dingy on the davits and our kayak up at the bow - taken by Jim on Emerald Seas
Russ Wolf came for his annual and much appreciated visit

Russ is right at home on Scott Free now and pitches right in

We spent lots of time out in reef islands exploring and of
course, lots of swimming and snorkeling

Here on Tobacco Caye

Party time at Hideaway Caye in the Pelican Cayes

Dave on "Cordelia"

Lovely  Uli on Toriba

Scott and her husband Thomas - we visited them in Bavaria
last summer

Dave & Pat from "Ten Year's After", Renate, Heather and
Jim play Mexican Train Dominos at the Paradise Hotel

Jim and Renate with some conch they hunted down. Renate
made them into conch fritters that evening - Yum!

We found the most amazing tree covered with
orchids on a remote Caye out on the barrier
reef. I'm not going to tell you where!

There were hundreds of gorgeous white orchids on it


Emerald Seas afloat in a world of blue water and sky

Jim cleans conch and fish - a messy job

A local fisherman in his dugout spends the day hunting
fish and conch

This fisherman was better equipped to travel far

Jim and I took his dinghy out on the reef to take pictures of
both the fishermen, the water and a wreck

This old freighter is now in several big pieces over the reef

And the birds enjoy the perches it provides

We found it fun to photograph. Getting there was a bit of a job
as the water was so clear it was hard to tell how deep it was.

This is the "mother ship" for 6 fishermen who live on this tiny
boat for up to a week at a time.  A charter boat at the end of
their week gave us a ton of food they hadn't eaten. We shared
it with these fishermen and I think they hadn't eaten so well
for a long time. They especially appreciated the meat and

Jim took this dramatic picture of a big ship at sunset. We
saw a lot of them, particularly cruise ships, from our anchorage
at Terniffe Atoll
As I can't dive any more due to my lung surgery, Scott now
buddies with Jim and Renate
And in this dramatic picture by Renate, his buddy is a huge tarpon!
Dinner on the beach at Ranguana with Marsha & Rick on
the left of "She Wolf" and Dave & Pat on "Ten Year's After"
End of the Season farewell dinner at Tortugal - around
the table from left - Steve & Tricia, Rosie, Heather,
Scott, Judy "Quest", Don "Chickcharne", Renate & Jim,
last 2 , sorry can't remember their names