Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Visitors in January!

January brought us visits from Pam Pinsky, our old friend from Watertown, MA and Walt and Honoree Cooper, cruiser friends on "Will of the Wisp". The snow was deep but we had some lovely sunny days and took long walks around Shrewsbury and Woodstock, VT. Pam brought pictures of her tromping around to show to her doctors back in Boston! She's an inspiration for sure.

Walt and Honoree as usual pitched right in with the chores. We wished they could stay for months! Walt cleaned the gutters and he and Scott also took off the VERY heavy front door and shaved off the bottom for a now perfect fit. Honoree cleaned the grout in the shower - unfortunately that resulted in my now knowing that has to be cleaned. Our friends Bill and Jeannette did this to me years ago on the subject of stainless steel on the boat.