Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bake & Shark

Only Trinis or those who have visited Trinidad and tasted them know what these two words denote. You might have read about them in the NY Times Food Section. They said it was the "best fish sandwich in the world"!

Not a bad recommendation huh? Those in the know like Jesse James claim Richards on Maracus Bay is the best place to eat them (everyone agrees Maracus Bay is the place to eat them).

The original schedule for the trip to Asa Wright called for returning through Arima but it didn't take much arm twisting to get Jesse to change the plans. Instead we continued on across the mountains and over to the north coast. Then turned left and drove to Maracus Bay.

The road is very poor and we didn't see another car until we reached the coast road. Another ten miles further and the road suddenly turns modern and well paved. That's of course where an "well connected individual" has built a condo complex.

Maracus Bay is a very popular beach and on the weekends or holidays it is packed. On this week day however there were only a few people enjoying the water and the small restaurants. The specialty is Bake & Shark but they also serve hamburgers and fries etc. The Bake is a deep fried round soft dough which makes a delicious light roll. This is split and filled with deep fried shark meat, sweet and white. Then you proceed over to the condiment bar to make your choices.

I took tamarind sauce, green mango chutney, lettace, cucumber, tomato, a cabbage slaw and creamy salad dressing. Yummy or Yummo, as Rachel Ray would say!!! You can see how much Scott and Jesse are enjoying their sandwiches!
We walked over to the beach for a brief visit.

Last time we were able to swim but our time was short as Russ needed to check in with Immigration by 4 PM that day. He was leaving the next morning to fly home. There was time however for a brief stop at the candy stand high on the hill above the Bay. The picture below shows the view and that's Jesse checking out the candy. He has a real sweet tooth. That's Jesse cleaning the bottom of Scott's shoes before getting in his new van - all that sand makes a big mess for sure!

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