Monday, April 28, 2008

A visit to the monkeys of Isla Linton

Our last anchorage in the San Blas was at Chichime for two nights. We checked out with the Port Captain in Porvenir and then waited there for some good traveling weather. We were buddy boating with "Nautibear" for awhile. It was a lovely morning when we pulled up the anchor and sailed down the green hilly Panama coast. Our destination was Isla Linton. This is a private island owned by Allan and Rosalind Baitel, conservationists working with Florida State University.

They run a animal rescue operation behind their home on the mainland. We had been warned by several people not to land the dinghy on the island. Several people have been bitten by the monkeys when they didn't have food with them (or maybe enough food). Scott was very anxious to see them up close and went over there several times without success.
Our last night Hans called to say he could see them, so Scott was off and enjoyed his visit very much! He offered pieces of banana to the monkeys on his paddle and they loved it.
Hans and Suzanne have kyacks too so we all paddled through a mangrove cut to the Panamarina in the next bay. Jean Paul and Sylvie Orlando, a french couple, run it and it's a wonderful place to have lunch. We had our main meal of the day here. Scott had pate, octopus, and chocolate cake and I had a Caprese Salad, steak with shallots and baba au rum. Unbelievable!!!

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