Monday, April 28, 2008

Now Shelter Bay Marina - soon Peru

We are in Shelter Bay Marina at the Atlantic end of the Panama Canal and have had a wonderful reunion with our good friends Benno and Marlene from "Diesel Duck" (that's them with me in the picture here). It's been years since we've seen them but we've always kept in touch.
Tomorrow the boat is being hauled out - up "on the hard" in cruiser language. It will be a crazy day getting the boat closed up but we hope to leave for Panama City by the end of the afternoon. We're staying there for two nights and then flying to Peru on May 1st. We'll be there, treking and sightseeing with our friends Honoree and Walt on "Will of the Wisp" and later Brenda and John on "Willow" until June 21. Then we'll head home to Boston and Vermont for the summer.

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