Sunday, April 27, 2008

A visit to a Kuna village, Rio Sidra

About three and a half weeks after leaving Cartagena our water supply started to get low. We carry about 220 gallons of water and that will last us about four weeks with one quick shower a day each and careful conservation in general (wash dishes in salt water and quick rinse only in fresh for example).
The possibilities for water in the San Blas are few and far between. We talked to many cruisers and asked for current experiences on the morning SSB cruiser's net. Most boats now seem to have water makers and other's were jerry jugging water. We've done that and it's a lot of work. We're trying to avoid repeating that experience.

So we sailed over to Rio Sidra which supposedly had a dock with a hose. All the fresh water comes from the rivers on the mainland. It's piped directly from the river to the closer islands. We anchored off the island and Scott took the dinghy in to investigate. The water was deep on the dock and it was calm, so we gently edged it in and tied up. The water pressure however was not enough to bring water in the hose to our tanks. SO out come our little 5 gallon jerry jugs! We had lots of observers in this process. We were the morning's entertainment.

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