Monday, March 21, 2022

Update Monday March 21st.

 Quick update. We got towed into Thunderbird Boat Yard this morning and Pete, a South African mechanic here, with several helpers pulled apart the transmission from the engine and as Scott predicted, the damper plate had a piece broken off. That was what caused the noise and stopped the transmission working. Sott ordered this part last Friday and it is on its way. No telling how long that will be of course. We are staying here tonight and then moving into our friend's Yoli & Regan's one bedroom apartment behind their home tomorrow. 

Sunrise this morning over Placencia Caye. We were up early as usual preparing for our tow into the boatyard.
When the repair is finished we'll motor back to Placencia harbor and start looking for another weather window north. A friend of ours's is planning to head to Florida at the end of this month. It would be wonderful if we could buddy boat with him. We'll see. Everyone here seems to think we'd be lucky to get the part in 10 days, but Scott had one delivered once in 8. But no instant solution. But we are healthy and safe so no complaints!

It was an open coffin in the church but closed at the Dinner afterwards - this is the porch of Meryl's Cafe just behind Yoli's Bar. Tents were erected and dinner was served underneath and in both establishments. They served plates high with turkey, ham, stuffing, potato salad, beans & rice, and cranberry sauce. Then, out came trays of pastries. Meryl was famous for her wonderful desserts. Her cakes graced every special occasion here in Placencia. 

Last Saturday we attended the funeral services for our Belizean friend Yoli's mother Meryl. She was only 65 and died very suddenly. It was a huge loss for her family and the whole community. Pretty much everyone who lives in Placencia was there and it was a beautiful service. We enjoyed being with her whenever we could - her smile could light up a room. Afterwards everyone gathered for a feast held between Meryl's Cafe and Yoli's Bar and exchanged memories. What a lovely tribute.

Our tow boat pulled us for an hour
to the Thunderbird Boatyard.

On the way we circled this small Caye with more solar
panels that we've seen anywhere in Belize. 

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