Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Will & Sean's Wedding Rehearsal

I couldn't resist adding a few of my favorite pictures of the Will
and Sean, taken by Larry Barns last summer
The wedding croo trickled back from the "Bachelor Party" during the day on Friday and got right to work getting ready for the wedding. We did get to see some pretty funny pictures taken the night before - especially those involving the wedding dress! Peter - you looked good! Signs were finished, the path to the reception was decorated, the bar was set up, appetizers were prepared and the tables set up and decorated for the dinner that night. Brent made 2 kinds of guacamole and Sean made his famous hummus. George made a huge green salad and his "Papa sauce" (secret dressing). We ordered pizzas from Ramunto's in Rutland - tons of it. For dessert we had several kinds of ice cream and lots of Heather's chocolate chip walnut cookies and oatmeal/raisin/walnut cookies.
A more "formal" shot, also by Larry Barns
The rehearsal itself went along well. We all went though the program and learned where to stand/sit/wait. No one actually said their parts so all the surprises and discoveries were kept for the wedding itself. Sean and Will had everything figured out perfectly!
Then everyone adjourned to eat and drink. After dinner we had several great toasts; Jack, Zoe and Nina. Josh was supposed to speak as well but got delayed bringing Paula back to her hotel. Thank you Josh!
Afterwards most everyone drove over to the Holiday Inn bar to socialize with the other wedding guests (and they brought lots of pizza too). They had a live band playing and a lot of people showed up and had fun.
This was featured on their Save The Date notices - last one by
Larry, the rest are mine on the rehearsal day.
Celebrants John Shellito and Gretchen Colby Rode with Emily
Frank and Emily Tyler working on the appetizers

Gary and Cathy DeKrey arrive for the rehearsal  in the midst
of the signs
Most of the Wedding Croo were there. From Left Peter Clough, Jack McLaughlin, Emily Tyler, Anthony Carter, Zoe, Derrick
Smith, Julie Wolf, James, Cathy & Gary, Will and Emily Frank.
A little discussion on arrangements
Practice in front of the wedding arch
Maya, Cookie, Josh, Shira, Daniel and Michal - all the
grandchildren ran around with the poles with ribbon streamers
to welcome guests to the wedding.
Sunflowers watched over everything

Anthony, Nick and Peter check out the
George and Zoe
George, Zoe, Tommy, Cookie, Michal and Cathy
Jack, Derrick, Emily, Anthony and Nina on the deck (maybe
Piper behind Nina)
Another shot of the table above looking down to the gazebo
John, Emily, Piper, Will, James, Morgen, Derrick and Nina
Heather, Tommy, George, Zoe, Scott and Cathy
Everyone gathers around for the toasts
Jack gives the first toast. At the table on left, Will, Sean, Peter
Jill Rode (Gretchen's wife) and Gretchen. On the stairs; Piper,
Maya, Shira, Michal and Cookie.
Will, Sean and Peter at the table, Nick and Daniel behind.
James and Morgen, Piper, Maya, Shira, Michal and Jack. In
front are Wandi and Wilma
Zoe gave the second toast and not surprising, got quite a few
laughs. Josh was supposed to speak as well but got delayed
driving Paula back to the hotel.
Nina gave the last toast with Michal and
Cookie listening carefully

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