Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Ulm - Part II, Fischervietel (Fishermen's Quarter)

Another shot of Thomas, Heather, Uli and Scott
We loved the Fishermen's Quarter! It was so charming and quaint - and photogenic. With Thomas and Uli we explored every corner. But soon our appetites returned and they took us up to the top of a modern building overlooking the Ulm Minster to the Bella Vista Restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious meal with a "beautiful view". Afterwards it was really hard to say our good-byes. It was such a special visit and we'll miss them. Happily we'll all be together again at Tortugal Marina or cruising later in the year. Thank you so much!!!
Next we're off to Wurzburg in my next post.
I took a lot of photos here it was so charming

The Butcher and the Farmer barter for the pig.
This little statue was in the Pig Market square.

The River Blau wends it's way through this district. This house
is it's own island!

Many footbridges cross over

Scott and Thomas on a brick and stone bridge

Some of the buildings are residential and others, hotels and cafes

Nearby is a remnant of the old city walls, along the Danube.

This iconic building looks this way from one side

And rather precarious from another

Flower boxes adorn most windows and terraces

In this case an old bicycle has become a window box itself

The Ulm Sparrow appears in many guises

The view from the terrace at Bellavista Restaurant where we
had an excellent lunch

They had beautiful healthy salads nicely

Our wonderful hosts. It was so hard to say "Good-bye"!

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