Monday, September 07, 2015

Sean & Will's Wedding Preparations

Let's Celebrate Love!
The love we feel for you, and the love we feel for each other. 
Here in Vermont,
Where our love was hatched,
Under falling stars,
Over mountain trails,
On swimming docks,
And in laughter with friends.
The gardens are all decked out
Sean, Scott and Will at our first dinner on Saturday the 8th -
James arrived later by train from Washington
The rainbow flag waves proudly
The Hors d'oueves sign waits for customers and plaid buntings hang from the railings
Will and Sean's wedding on August 15th was amazing - a true reflection of their love for each other, the love they have for their friends and family - AND the love we have for them. They had planned every detail of the wedding and it was perfect. Then they worked all week to make it happen!
Sean, Will and James came on Saturday the 8th. Wilma, Brent and Wandi came on Sunday mid day. Later on Sunday Paula took the train up all the way from Maryland and James picked her up down in Bellows Falls at 5 PM. Will's parents, Cathy & Gary DeKrey came on Wednesday. Josh, Michal, Daniel, Cookie, Maya, Jonathan and Shira arrived late Wednesday. Zoe, George, Nick and Tommy came on Wednesday too. Morgen arrived Thursday along with Piper, Derrick and most of the wedding party. The "bachelor party" was Thursday night - unfortunately I wasn't there and don't have pictures but we heard it was a lot of fun! The photos here are mine and are just the preparations for the wedding. Next blog post will be the rehearsal dinner and then the Sunday Brunch. As soon as I receive the wedding photos themselves, I'll get them online. Every minute of this week was a joy!
Sean and Will fill the casks with the signature drinks to age

Wilma and Brent arrive to help out

Cookie, Heather and Maya arrange flowers for the house

Derrick, Piper, May and Cookie make the ring basket

Daniel displays his find!

Wilma, Shira and Maya work on the sticks which
will have ribbons attached later

And Shira helps Michal with dinner too

Cathy, Donna, Maya, Cookie and Heather arrange the flowers
for the wedding reception - 46 or so!

Cookie found and rescued this little caterpiller

Brent cooked dinner for everyone on Tuesday night with a
little help from Maya

Cookie, Daniel and Nick hang out 

Cathy and Gary enjoying the sunshine
Emily works on the gift bottles of maple syrup

Paula came for 2 weeks and stayed with
us most of the time, but joined the wedding
group at the Holiday Inn during the wedding
Most everyone cools off in Spring Lake - here Zoe, Maya and

Nick and Shira

James strikes a pose with Morgen. He made the arch
with George and organized all the signs

Zoe, Tommy, George and Nick
Scott made fabulous blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes for
Josh, Shira and Jonathan at the Lake
This sign pointed out the path to the reception

View up to the house

With sunflowers looking on

Looking down at the wedding arch

Other side of the garage

View down to the garden shed/bar

And the bar is ready for the drinks and bartender

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