Monday, May 23, 2022

Change of Plans

Scott and Pete just before taking off in St. Augustine at 6:45 AM.

Scott and Pete left St. Augustine Sunday morning in overcast weather. And I drove up to Beaufort, SC to stay one night there before meeting them on Monday. After settling into my hotel, I took my blood pressure and it was very high and it got higher when I took it several times again. The Beaufort Memorial Hospital was the only option as it was a Sunday and around 5 PM. I was there for 5 hours until they managed to get my numbers down. They got me right into a room when they measured my blood pressure as soon as I entered the emergency room. Let's just say - very bad. They have given me a temporary prescription and told me to see my physician as soon as possible. 

After talking to both James and Sean, I made reservations to fly back to Boston on Monday at 8:30 PM from Charleston. Direct flight and actually the only choice. My friend Marty Wolf is picking me up at the airport and I'll stay with her in Concord. This morning I got an appointment at my medical practice, Atrius Health, for 9 AM Tuesday. I need to get this under control.

I was so happy to hear from Scott this morning. All is well, although it sounds like they had a rough night. They are coming into Georgetown, SC (50 miles north of Charleston) mid day and will stay there the night. Then probably move up on the ICW for awhile. Pete is going to stay until at least Friday so they can make progress together. 

So, change of plans for now. 

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