Sunday, May 15, 2022

Back on the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW)

Dawn at Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FL Friday morning the 13th of May

We were up early on Friday and had one more weather discussion with Stormy - not totally happy with the possible squalls/thunderstorms, "stray" he said. But otherwise it looked good. So we stopped and got diesel and water at Burdines and were on our way at 8:45 AM. The day started out pleasant but after we left the Hawk Channel we found a miserable negative current. I rarely see 4.8 knots on our speed! So we headed out to sea to catch the Gulf Stream and with that current were doing 8 knots - nice. But the seas were lumpy and a night of that made sleep impossible. Plus we hit one or two squalls. There was thunder and lightning off in the distance but happily, not near us. 

Next day we examined our mental state and possible destinations. Fort Pierce looked good and we set a course for that. It looked like an ETA of 4 PM outside the inlet. As soon as we were near enough to land to get cell service we called possible Marinas in Ft. Pierce - no room at the Inn.  At this point we lost the positive current and best possibility for getting into am anchorage was later than 6 PM. And we weren't sure of the anchorages suitability. So sudden change in our plan for safety, we set a course for the Lake Worth Inlet  

What a exciting entrance. Breaking waves between the jetties and tons of high speed boats passing us on both sides sending waves every which way. But once inside it was calm (no change in the passing boats, it was after all, Saturday!). We've been here before and knew a really good anchorage at the north end of Lake Worth, so made for it. The anchor was down and our beers were popped at 1:30 PM. Lunch followed, a nap, drinks and dinner. We were sound asleep by 8 PM.

Than up at 6 AM as the first of 9 opening bridges awaited us just north of our anchorage. Another boat was waiting at 6:45 as we pulled up, and we followed them through all of the bridges, making excellent time. Our destination was Fort Pierce and an evening with our old friends Diane and Mitch Korbey. They had inspired us by cruising for 20 years before we bought Scott Free. And they spent two weeks with us from the Bahamas to the Dominican Republic back 15 years ago. They invited us to their Yacht Club for drinks and dinner. 

We put in calls to several marinas in Ft. Pierce and much later, got a reluctant acceptance from the City Marina. The current through this area is huge, 3+ knots, and they were really worried about our getting into the slip and even more about departing in the morning. They almost canceled, but agreed if we departed tomorrow at 6 AM. Fine with us. 

Tomorrow we'll continue on the ICW hoping to make the 70 miles to Port Canaveral where we know of a good anchorage. Then we'll see about jumping offshore again for another one night trip. 

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