Tuesday, August 03, 2021

"Beam Us Up Scottie"

 When we saw the notice early this year about the celebration of William Shatner's 90th Birthday at the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour in Ticonderoga, NY this July, we immediately signed up to attend. The event stretched out over several days and unfortunately the only opportunity to see him in person was on Saturday and we couldn't come back for that. But we had a fun time on Friday touring the set of the Enterprise. It was very well organized with small groups (all masked) being allowed in with plenty of time to explore. In addition, we had to provide documentation that we were fully vaccinated! 

Scott has done a special effects video that 
show us beaming up! I'll try to add it here. 

Scott and I have always been firm Star Trek fans and have seen all the series. Next Generation is my favorite but the first series comes a close second. Our two grandsons from Palo Alto, CA are here with our daughter Zoe and we're planning to go over again with them this week. 

Only a few weeks before I was in Ticonderoga with the Rutland Garden Club group to tour the King's Garden at Ticonderoga Fort nearby. We had a perfect day for both trips and enjoyed some lovely views of Lake Champlain. 

Scott and I join Spock and Kirk for a photo

Sick Bay

The Science Lab

All purpose Rec & Conference Room with many
original games they played.

Spock's Quarters, but actually refurnished every
time they needed to use a scene in one.

Obviously, Engineering

Heather tries to enter a Jeffrey's Tube

Captain Heather at the helm - what a thrill!

Scott looks a lot more relaxed.

They had a lot of original costumes.

Naturally, you could buy your own

The Shuttlecraft was pretty basic but you could 
press buttons to get some cool sound effects.

After lunch, we drove up to the top of Mount Defiance to see the lovely view of Lake Champlain.

Here's a close up of Fort Ticonderoga overlooking the narrow section of the lake.

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