Saturday, May 22, 2021

Fun Times in Boston with Sean & Will

 We returned home on Monday night May 10th and that very Friday we drove (the Prius this time - big gas mileage difference) down to Boston to visit our youngest son Sean and our son-in-law, Will. They bought a single-family house in Dorchester near Savin Hill around two years ago. The weather was lovely until Sunday when we did have some showers. Sean had taken the afternoon off on Friday so we went for a beautiful walk along the harbor starting from the Kennedy Museum and continuing on to the South Boston beach. That night we enjoyed drinks out in their deck overlooking their big backyard with their neighbors Joe and Eileen. I brought dinner with me, a Beef Ragu with Ramps, which I served over orzo, with a garden salad. Scott and I forage for wild ramps every spring near our home - so good.

You can see a little of their deck in the background while Sean has fun with some Romaine.

Saturday they had bought tickets to the Monet exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It was a real treat to return to a place we have spent so much time. I took art classes at the Museum's School for many years before we moved to Vermont and we've been members there for a long time. Sean and Will are very active members! That night we had two parties - first with Jason and Dan for drinks and then Sarah, Jesse, and Dave for dinner. Party, party, party - life visiting them! Fabulous time with all of them and wonderful food. 

Scott snapped this photo of Heather, Will, and Sean in the mirror under the Sargent Ceiling.

Sunday morning was beautiful so we drove downtown to the Seaport district and walked along the harbor. We chose Davio's for lunch as it was Sean's favorite restaurant for his birthday celebrations when they were on Newbury St. This location is right on the harbor and we sat outside admiring the ships and sailboats going by.  When we first bought Scott Free we spent a year at the Marina just across the bay in East Boston. 

Here's a great view of the harbor walkway looking towards downtown from the Seaport area.

Sunday afternoon we had a Jack & Jill virtual shower for Caitlin and Brett, soon to be Mr, & Mrs. Silverstein. Packages had arrived in the mail for us with the party theme, Hawaii. We wore colorful sunglasses and leis and enjoyed cookies and chocolates. Next, we had planned to attend a party at a trendy bar where Sean had taken a cocktail course. It was a bit of a reunion with his classmates. But late afternoon showers shut down the outside dining and the bar was too crowded for us at this point in time, so we passed. 

Marinated vegetables to go on the grill for dinner - notice the ramps on top! They were accompanying steaks, shrimps, and sausages. 

Instead, Will made some wonderful grapefruit cocktails for us (with fresh ruby grapefruit juice, Amaro, gin, and Aperol). And there were plenty of great leftovers for an easy dinner. The next morning Scott and I drove home, stopping for a walk and ice cream with Russ & Marty Wolf in Concord, Mass. What a fabulous weekend!!!

Will shakes up his Grapefruit cocktails with a

Enjoying the Monet exhibit, distanced and with

Sean & Will

Looking away from the previous photos at the 
Seaport at a small Marina area,.

That's Davio's restaurant across from the harbor
walk. It's enormous with lots of outdoor seating.

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