Monday, December 21, 2020

Change of Weather Already - Washington DC

 It is rather miraculous that we left our home in Vermont yesterday morning in freezing temperatures and tons of snow and the next day it's 47 degrees with bright sunshine and green grass. I can't believe we actually thought we could take off Saturday afternoon. We barely got started at 9:40 AM on Sunday. There was so much more to do and it took longer than we thought. And we forgot several rather important things despite pages of checklists: Scott's dop kit and sneakers and my plan to bring our favorite cereal/soup bowls. And the tea kettle (from Tall Timbers and packed away for ages) leaks! So we managed to order everything but the sneakers from Target for pick up this afternoon. 

It was an exhausting day yesterday. We had always planned to arrive at our first RV park in daylight as this is all new to us. But it was pitch black when we entered and there were very few lights. We got into a tight corner by mistake trying to find our site and it took a while before we were able to get through. Luckily, a nice resident helped us find our site. There were still pockets of snow there and lots of mud. Poor Scott had a hard time trying to set up the electricity (the post at our site was dead, but he managed to connect to an adjoining empty place).  And we needed water as we couldn't fill it up in Vermont - everything was frozen. We didn't get settled inside until 7 PM. BOY did that stiff drink (gin & tonic for Scott, bourbon for me) taste good. And the Cajan Dirty Rice and Butternut Squash hit the spot. After dinner and checking our emails, we watched some of the Sound of Music on our (live) TV just long enough to make it to bedtime - 9 PM.

This morning was so relaxing. Good coffee and a walk around the Bar Harbor RV Park (lots of RVs, a few cabins, and a lovely spot on the river). But it was cold, gray, and muddy so we packed up and headed further south to Cherry Hill RV Park in College Park, MD. What a change! The sun came out and this large park is spacious, spotless, and free from snow. We're about 1/2 an hour out of Washington, where we are headed next to see our son James, daughter-in-law Morgen and 2-year-old grandson Kolya. We're spending the day with them today but coming back here after dinner. Tomorrow they'll come here for lunch. There is a nice children's playground for Kolya. Then we'll return to their home for dinner. On Wednesday we're all going to Morgen's parents for Christmas Eve and Day. To prepare for this we've all been quarantining and had COVID tests (all negative). 

This is our very nice spot at our current Cherry
Hill RV Park in College Park, MD

A view of the waterfront at last night's Bar Harbor
RV Park in Abington, MD

And this is our site there, we're on the right

This is Bar Harbor management photo of their
site on the river in nice weather!

Kolya a few days ago with his first snow!

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