Sunday, December 27, 2020

A Very Merry Christmas!

Our son James, daughter-in-law Morgen and grandson Kolya
 joined us for lunch and time in the playground at our RV Park.
Our dinette sat 5 for lunch - big surprise.
What a treat to spend the holidays with our son and our daughter-in-law's family. To do this we all made a commitment to quarantine and then were tested. It was a wonderful week and we are so grateful for it. It has been cold though, below freezing at night. But our trailer stays warm with the combination of propane and a little electric heater.
We'll be off driving south again on Monday, headed for long time friends Walt & Honoree Cooper, formerly of S/V Will O' the Wisp home in Cameron, N.C. We'll stay there until 1/2/2021, celebrating the much longed for New Year. May it bring a better year for all of us. Happy New Year everyone!

Kolya loved the play structure

He is a happy kid as you can see with red
hair like his father and our youngest son.

Everyone had dinner together on Christmas
Eve at Morgen's sister Claire's home near
theirs in Capitol Hill.

And now a view the other direction at the adult's
table. The family tradition is cheese fondue with
fruit salad for dinner.

And for dessert, a Pavlova made by Claire's 
husband Bill's parents.


Morgen's father Karl gave out the presents. 
Stockings were before breakfast and the rest of the
gifts afterward. We stayed the night at Kris & 
Karl's home in Gaithersburg, MD with James,
Morgen & Kolya. Otherwise, we slept in our
Morgen's mother Kris and Kolya - I should have
asked about the pajama protocol. Scott and I were
the only ones other than Claire & Bill's
daughters to get "dressed". 
That's Bill & Claire on the left with their youngest
daughter Nora, James & Kolya
Their oldest daughter Grace inspecting the pile
of gifts - lots more out of view!
Morgen & Kolya with a new puzzle
Bill and Nora
Heather with a present from Sean. He gave me
a new camera - a modern day "Poloroid" to 
document our trip with this display box to show
off the photos. 
The table set for Christmas dinner.
Scott at our dinette on Saturday for
our special breakfast with the beautiful vanocka,
Czech Christmas bread Karl made and 
gave to us.

Here's a close-up! Yum!

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