Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Sheltering in Place

Our first 14 days after returning to Vermont were stressful but almost a month later nothing has really changed in our living arrangements. We no longer worry every time we cough or sneeze, because we are not being exposed to the virus anymore. Our son Sean and son-in-law Will are living with us here and that makes life a lot more fun! Scott and I are both at high risk due to our age but I'm not only 75 but I had lung cancer (9 years ago and still no problem). Sean has serious asthma problems so he's high risk as well.
This is a great place to get stuck in! We live on 100 acres surrounded by back roads and trails to walk in. Our country store, Pierce's, is pretty famous - check out Utube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-Dy1f_oYyk) about its history and conversion into a Coop. For many years I have volunteered there running the store for one or two sessions a week and I love it. They were open 7 days a week from 7 to 7 but now they take orders by email/phone, package them up and leave the groceries for customers at a designated time on the porch. Most of our groceries come from there. But once in a while we need to get things from the big supermarket in Rutland, the Hardware Store or the pharmacy. The Vermont Council on Aging assigned us a volunteer to do our shopping for us. Is that great or what? We're on the receiving end of the volunteering for the first time and we're very grateful.
We have no idea how long this will last. I try not to worry about the future as there is nothing I can do about it. Scott is still involved in politics in constant Zoom and telephone meetings. We have set up a number of regular Zoom video meetings with family and friends, including many in our cruising community.  We exercise, cook and eat (all too well) and keep in touch with email.
This last week was non stop celebrations: Easter Sunday, our 41st wedding anniversary, Sean's Birthday and then my Birthday. Scott gave me a treadmill so we can exercise even if it rains (or snows)! So now I'm back on a diet...
Sean & Will relaxing after a long day working online.

Scott, just relaxing

I generally do all the cooking during the week but Sean and
Will love to make a great dinner on the weekends.

There has been altogether oo much snow and it's been cold
all the time. We had a high one day of 58!

These flowers are all over my yard and the first ones to
come up.

Next were flocks of gold thread.

My daffodils finally bloomed on April 20th. Here they decorate our kitchen table with my painting of Tortugal Marina
in Guatemala (where Scott Free sits waiting for us to return) on the wall overlooking it. 

We try to hike and walk every day. A few days ago we took
some woods roads and ran into a quagmire of recent logging
activity. I was lucky to keep these boats on my feet, the mud
was so deep.

Sean (on right) and Will cooking duck breasts
My birthday cake.
And for dessert Carrot Cake with Cream
Cheese frosting and toasted coconut
numbers spelling 75. 

Sean had his birthday on the 15th (mine was the 17th). I
made leg of lamb with broccoli slaw and coconut cupcakes.

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