Monday, April 13, 2020

Looking Back at Our Belize Adventures - Part 1

Emerald Seas left Tortugal a few days ahead of
us to spend time in Texan Bay. We joined them for
one night before checking out of Guatemala and
crossing the bar at the Rio Dulce.

For the first time we anchored off Punta Gorda, the
southernmost town in Belize to check into the country. 

It was an easy and pleasant check-in as all three of the
agencies were in one building. We had time to tour the
small town as well.

The clocktower in the small central plaza is the town's

Next we motored up to the quiet harbor of New Haven for
several days. There is nothing there but the wildlife. Jim
and Renate practiced on their new paddle boards. 

The weather was so fine for several days that we decided to sail over to the Sapadilla Cayes, the southernmost islands
on the barrier reef. We had only been there one other time with Walt & Honoree many years ago. On the way we stopped at the beautiful Seal Cay to snorkel. Our first anchorage was Lime Cay. It's definitely a settled weather spot only but we had a quiet night with the dramatic sunset you see above.

The next day we got a tour of nearby Hunting Cay by a
charming Coast Guard official. 

There is a customs/immigration office there along with the
Coast Guard but they aren't always open.

A view of Emerald Seas and Scott Free from a beach at Lime Cay 

Sanny Garbutt cooks up some wonderful meals we're told
but didn't have a chance to try one this time. We'll be back!

The Garbutt resort on the island is rustic but very comfortable
with ensuite bathrooms in the cottages. The graffiti has
been collecting for many years. 

The next day we sailed up to Tom Owens Cay to meet our
friends Woody & Judy on Lapis. The "Shell House" is a
charming rental built on the smaller of the two islands
around the harbor. 

We had a tour of this lovely spot, all built by hand from
conch shells and concrete over the last 4 years. 

Jim, Renate, and Scott at the dock

Another view of the house - you can see the
conch shells form the exteriors. The two rental
units inside are very elegant.

We had drinks aboard Emerald Seas at Tom Owens with
Woody & Judy and Pauline & Alan on Kristiania. 

After two nights we headed to Placencia and much
to our surprise, this amazing Tall Ship, the Frederick
Chopin, came sailing into the harbor at night all lit
up as you see here. What a sight!

The next morning we followed Cordelia out during "visiting"

Unfortunately, it was really crowded at the landing spot and
it was necessary to climb a rope ladder. We passed, but
got a great look at the ship and heard some of the live

Jim "hams" it up at the Barefoot Bar!

I had no idea my dress was fluorescent!

We caught up with our friends on Lianda at the Reserve
Marina.As before, we came for drinks and stayed for dinner.
Marc's son Hadrien and his girlfriend Albina were visiting
. Marc's wife Morgan was still in Belgium. They sailed
 over to Roatan a few days later
and are still there as of April due to the Covid 19 virus
closing the borders.

Marc looks like he's about to break into
an aria!

We organized an excursion up to the Maya Beach Bistro for
lunch and a swim. Cordelia, Wahoo and Canel joined us.
That meant two golf carts - Jim & Renate joined us on the
smaller one. Great meal as always. It's one of our favorite

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