Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vienna to Munich, Germany

Hotel Laimer Hof, our home in Hamburg
On July 19th our tour group had an early morning departure back to Vermont but Scott and I slept in. After a delightful breakfast we took the train to Munich, a pleasant 3.5 hour trip. There was mix up in our train tickets but we managed to sort it out.
At the train station in Munich we noticed a large police presence that appeared to be looking for illegal immigrants. We heard later that over 200 arrived each day in the city. They pulled over 2 young middle eastern looking boys that sat next to us in the train. I hope they were all right.
 It was a short taxi ride to our really lovely small hotel of Laimer Hof in a quiet residential neighborhood right near the Nymphenburg Palace. The staff there couldn't be more helpful. Jan gave us directions to walk a few blocks to the Hirschgarten and it was so much fun. We joined at least a thousand others enjoying the sunshine, beer and snacks. All Munich is connected by bike trails so many of the families came on bikes. It was somewhat like a State Fair in the U.S. with not only the restaurant but booths, games and rides too.
After a good nap we went out to a very different restaurant for dinner - La Brasserie, a nearby French place with excellent food and service. I've included several pictures of our dishes - their presentations were outstanding. Afterwards we needed a long walk through the Nymphenburg Palace gardens before returning back to our room - at this time of year the sun sets really late.
One of the largest beer gardens in Germany,
Hirschgarten where we enjoyed lunch with a
few thousand Germans.

An Um pa pa Band played on. Notice no one sits out in the
sun. It was really hot!

You can get a glimpse of some of our fellow diners

Yes Pippin, it does come in pints!
Unfortunately we weren't very hungry yet so just tried a little wurst
and pretzels with our beer, although we were tempted by this
smoked fish. 

La Brasserie Restaurant just down the street
from our hotel.

The soup tasted as good as it looks!

And so did this beautiful salad

Tenderloin of Beef on a Potato Cake, fabulous!

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