Monday, August 31, 2015

A Visit to Uli & Thomas in Krumbach, Bavaria

Herbert took the picture; Thomas, Heather, Scott, Uli and Claudia

Thomas & Uli in Herbert Haas' Restaurant - Kachelofen
The highlight of our whole trip was visiting our cruiser friends Uli Boker & Thomas Bartl at their home in Krumbach, Bavaria. They helped us plan our independent tour back at Tortugal Marina at the beginning of our last sailing season in Guatemala. They are such a lovely couple and were the most gracious and fun hosts.
We drove there from Hohenschwangau in the morning and after touring their beautiful modern condo, we went down to the a nearby restaurant garden to have lunch. Much to our delight we found there their very good friends Herbert and Claudia having lunch. We joined them and had SUCH a good time.
Uli, Scott, Heather, Herbert and Claudia

This time it's Herbert, Scott, Heather, Uli and Claudia
Our original plan was to have dinner that night at Herbert's Kachelofen Restaurant - he's the Chef/Owner, but we were all enjoying each other's company so much that he invited us to his home for dinner instead. How marvelous! We parted company until later and Thomas & Uli gave us a tour of the city. Krumbach is a charming town as you can see from the pictures.
 Later Uli's parents came over for a visit and some delicious cake which Uli made. It was a delight to meet them. We had a brief rest and a chance to do laundry (we cruisers know how wonderful it is to have the use of a washer and dryer!) Then we drove over to Herbert's home in the countryside, a lovely spot. He had prepared a fabulous dish of Kaese Spaetzle to go with Uli's simple Green Salad (the perfect accompaniment). There is no way I could ever duplicate that dish here in the U.S. as the 3 cheeses he used are special mountain cheese we can't get here. And he added caramelized onions. WOW! I'd get really fat if I lived near Herbert (but it would be worth it). It was such a perfect evening.
And the next morning was pretty close. Thomas went shopping first thing for fresh bread and we had the most scrumptious breakfast. There is a picture here of the special white sausage and mustard that we learned was traditionally eaten on Friday mornings, sometimes at the back of the butcher's. It was delicious as was everything they served. What a start for the day! And we were then off to visit Ulm with our wonderful guides - more in my next post.
This fascinating resort featured mechanical waterskiing. This was
a first for us. We didn't even know it existed!

This famous Health and Rehab Facility, run by Nuns, is also a
Hotel and the buildings and grounds were beautiful. It's the
 Heilbad Krumbad .

The historic Town Hall, Krumbach is mentioned in documents
for the first time in 1156

That's Herbert's restaurant in Pink right on the Market Square

Church St. Michael

A tributary of the River Mindel flows through the center of town

Thomas, Uli and Uli's parents on their terrace

Scott, Herbert, Heather, Uli, Claudia and Thomas with
the camera taking the picture automatically
White sausage with pretzel and mustard - Yum!

Our breakfast table with Thomas, Heather and Scott

Meats, Cheeses, lovely bread & pretzels and veggies

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