Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bicyling & Walking in Antigua

Scott, Sebastian, Heather and David with our bicycles

The Chocolate Factory

the shrine outside it

Jim, Sharon, Scott, Heather and Sebastian sample the fruit liquors at another stop

We've been in Antigua many times now but tried something quite different on Friday - a bicycling tour. Old Town Outfitters is the best in Antigua and they recommended the Valley tour for us. The bicycles were very new looking and to our delight we were the only customers for this trip. And then, they assigned us 2 terrific young guides; David and Sebastian. We arrived at 9 am and finished the trip a half hour late at 1:30 pm, exhausted but happy. Every tiny village center has a church and we saw a lot of them as you'll see in the photos. Coincidentally the first part of our journey overlapped a walk we took the day before out to San Cristobal el Bajo. Then we continued on, stopping at a Coffee "museum" and then to a private home selling their own fruit liquors. There we were joined by a couple from Chez Daniel that were taking a car tour of the area. The tour was booked as a beginner trip on flat terrain - as David explained later, "Guatemalan flat". Scott and I were not in shape for this we'll admit but our fun guides cheered us on and we made it (they also modified the trip some as well). Afterwards we all went out for a great lunch at Santa Clara restaurant. More photos document our walking trip and an evening in the main square of Antigua. Today we're leaving at 7:30 am for a trip to Chichicastenango, the famous indigenous market town and Sunday is their biggest day.
San Juan del Obispo
The Plaza with Volcan de Agua in the background

Fountains in front of churches were used as a water source

Scott's bicycle was in great shape and the right size!

San Gaspar Vivar,- the fountain is above with Scott
Temple of San Pedro Las Huertas

This huge  laundry basin could be used as a swimming pool!

Sebastian and Scott stop for a water break

All crosses were decorate for a holiday

San Miguel Escovar

Scott gets his shoes shined!

The central plaza at night

The main cathedral
A shady nursery was a treat for a break

School children learn to pot plants
One of the chapels at El Calvario

Santa Isabel Antigua - a beautiful spot

San Cristobal El Bajo - we visited twice!

Los Remedios - a lovely ruin

Fun slogans at Toscana Restaurant

Where we had lunch after our walk

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