Monday, April 27, 2015

Hot Days on the Rio Dulce

Heather and Scott (with drum)
I'm not kidding about the heat. It's 104 today and it's not dry heat. It will be a relief when the thunderstorms and rain come on Tuesday night. There are 2 good mitigating factors for us; the first is our excellent air conditioning on the boat - 2 zones, and the second is a fairly constant breeze which makes the restaurant at the marina comfortable almost all the time.
Carlos, Ellen and Thomas
But the real reason we're happy here is the great company of other cruisers. And we've made some wonderful friends here at Tortugal Marina. Last night we enjoyed a pot luck supper up at the temporary home of Jo and Steve Stucko of . Jo's been revamping the menu here for owner Daphne and Steve is working on their boat. The food was terrific and Dave from Cordelia entertained us with his own compositions and lots of other great blues songs.
We're getting a new boat cover made to protect the boat while we are away. The boat is being cleaned, top and sides, right now (a 2 day job). Tomorrow Scott has help working up the mast and re caulking windows. He has finished cleaning  both water tanks out and installing the new water pump. I'm in the process of washing the inside of the boat. That means taking everything out of all the cupboards and cleaning the inside of them as well as all the outside surfaces with vinegar and water (to prevent mildew). Then of course, the heads and refrigerator need to be clean. We've taken down the sails and stored them already. So, in short, we're pretty busy.
We should be finished by next Monday and if so, we'll go up to Antigua and enjoy that cool beautiful city until flying back to the U.S. May 11th.
Four beauties; Jo, Lizzie, Uli and Judy

Luis starts the buffet line

Judy, Andrew and Dave (Kathy's feet)

Judy from Lapis enjoying the music

Thomas and Uli

Judy and Woodie said goodbye for the season that night

Our hosts, Jo & Steve. Jo's playing the bowl

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