Monday, September 01, 2014

Summer Doings - Visits to Larry and Dave

We drove over to Larry's via the ferry. This is the home of
the M/V Carillon, a small ship designed to emulate a 1920's
 1000 Island Cruise Boat, located at Teachout's
 Wharf, Shoreham, VT

The historic Ticonderoga Ferry is the 2nd oldest continuely
operated ferry in the U.S. Pull on a rope signal to request
a crossing! We took it over to N.Y. across Lake Champlain

On the ferry crossing. We were meeting Russ Wolf and
spending a few days with Larry before driving down
to Western Mass to see Dave Wood and get our
classical music fix.
Our brand new Toyota Prius V - our first new car for 13
years. We now have 2 cars for the first time in 9 years.
Larry's Band playing a gig at a Summer Camp Closing BBQ
At the Willsborough Recreation Park
The lovely view from the porch at Larry Barn's Essex, NY
home overlooking Lake Champlain

Closer look through the trees at the distant Vermont

The dock with Love Me Tender tied up, Larry's beautifully
restored wooden speed boat. We took several trips out
on the lake waterskiing and just enjoying the views.

Bottom's up; left to right, Russ, Larry and Scott

Scott gets ready to waterski

And here he is!

The Three Musketeers in the kitchen cooking up a storm

Relaxing on the front porch in the sun

Luke with his farmer's tan at a neighbors dock

A full moon watches over the lawn outside at Tanglewood
Dave, Scott and I had tickets for the BSO concert inside
on Saturday night
After we watched an Inside/Outside
performance at Jacob's Pillow
It was the Broadway interns that performed on our night.
David and Heather on David's deck in
Beckett, MA

Dick, Debby, Heather and Scott picnic at Tanglewood
on Sunday. Dave was working as a volunteer that afternoon. We all got
tickets inside after our lunch to watch YoYo Ma and the BSO.

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