Monday, September 01, 2014

Summer Doings - Gloucester and Rockport

Picturesque Rockport in summer - a tourist paradise
and there were lots of them there during our visit

There are many artists that have studios and shops here,
most of them excellent.

Of course there are souvenir shops by the dozens too

Bearskin Neck is a peninsula that sticks out of the mainland
and it's the center of activity in the summer.

We've had Scott Free moored here, about 8 years ago.

The residents must feel invaded in the summer. Their yards
need to be fenced in to keep the tourists out.

I'm looking forward to painting from a number of these
photos, probably watercolor and ink.

We stayed with Harvey and Gail Smith in their beautiful
home on Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester. I'm really
sad that somehow I didn't get any more photos during
our stay with them. Too busy having fun visiting with
them and Colin, Leslie and Rob. We also had Carole
& Bill over for dinner one night. 

This is the amazing Shalin Liu Performance Center
 in Rockport where we attended a great Jazz performance

Motif #1 - the famous landmark in Rockport. Painted by
thousands of artists.

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