Monday, May 20, 2013

On Our Own Again

The way to Yoli's by land
We had such a wonderful time with all our guests this year and we look forward to more visits in the future. But we love our times alone together too. We are a bit "joined at the hip" for sure and used to the rhythm of life together. Of course we have made some friendships here in Belize as well so our last few nights before returning up the Rio Dulce in Guatemala we visited three of our favorite couples and made new friends on Tom Owens Cay. First we had a complimentary dinner with Angela and Julio at "De Barcelona". Scott has designed a web site for them ( and we've eaten there many times, especially when Angela is singing.
Yoli herself with Scott
As we walked back from the restaurant we saw lightning flashes all around. It was a calm trip out to the boat in the dinghy but about 10pm it started to blow up fast. We had up to 50 knots of wind for close to an hour. Pretty crazy. Our boat sailed around frantically going sideways at times and heeling over some. But our anchor held and all but one boat in the harbor did as well. And that small boat only dragged about 100 yds and didn't hit anything. Pouring rain of course. Then it cleared up over the next two hours, but still windy. We got to bed around midnight.
The wind turned to the west but wasn't that much over the next day. The next night, our last in Placencia, we spent with Yuli and Reagan at Yuli's Bar for their Friday BBQ. This is a home away from home for ex pats living in the area and cruisers. We keep our dinghy here when we're on land and enjoy their company and bar tender Eric. It was a rollicking night with music from the "Lost Reefers" and a young singer songwriter. I've forgotten his name.
Then we were off to Ranguana Cay - our favorite out island for an evening visiting with Desiree and Denby. She made her wonderful conch fritters and we sat and talked while watching the sun go down. This is nesting time for many of the birds on the island and we paid them a visit, carefully. A huge thrill was seeing an enormous eagle up close on the beach. We hope it's a harpy eagle, one of the largest in the world and a rare sighting if so. We've sent our photos to the Belize Zoo to check it out. We'll let you know.
The usual crowd on a Friday night for the BBQ
Then it was off to a new anchorage for us. The two small islands called Tom Owens, home to a small hotel/diving operation well known in the area. They have been the only ones we know to see a whale shark this season. There we met John and Debbie, friends of the owners, who are living there and trying to sell it for their friends. It's for sale for $900,000 and they have an interested party at present but you could probably get a bit in there! We spent two nights there and found some wonderful snorkeling around the eastern cay. Then it was anchor up for a lovely 30 mile trip to Tres Puntas, a easy access anchorage about 9 miles from the mouth of the Rio Dulce. Twice a month there are a few days where the tide is highest and we need every inch to get across the shallow sand bar at the entrance. That high tide was at 7am tomorrow.
Eric serves up drinks at the bar
The Lost Reefers perform oldies
That's Yoli's on the right under the Palapa roof and the Pardise Resort on the left where we often eat and play dominos

We're not sure but this may be a rare Harpy Eagle

Sunset from Ranguana
This determined bird held her ground over her egg
Another sunset shot - I'm a succor for them 
Frigate birds at rest as the sun goes down
Scott Free on her own while we enjoy our visit with Desiree and Denby
Sunrise the next morning over Ranguana
Doctor John and Deborah - caretakers on Town Owens
The tiny East Cay at Tom Owens Cays
The inviting outdoor living room overlooking the dock

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