Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spring Lake Revels

Nick and Daniel try to ride the same float to no avail.
We'll need to get a smaller paddle for Cookie, but Nick
and Daniel are managing quite well.
Two floats are better than one!
Maya was the only one who managed to
ride the Dinosaur without toppling over
That's Shira hiding under the pretty hat.
Tommy loved playing at the beach while Nick and Daniel
canoed in the distance
Jonathan wasn't too sure about the water this
year. He is only 2.
But he loved watching all the action around him
Zoe, Scott, George, Tommy, Nick and Heather
Tommy, Nick, Daniel, Cookie and Maya
Daniel and Cookie
Cookie, our gymnist
Daniel stayed upright on the dinosaur only on the dock
Cookie time for Cookie and all the others
A brief moment of peace on the Sea Star
Daniel waits for a ride on the dock from Nick.
Jonathan brought his dinosaurs to the lake
Zoe and Tommy in a serious mood
Scott and Daniel
Grammy and Shira

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