Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family Fun at The Wood

Tommy, Nick, Daniel, Arielle (Cookie) and Maya
Cookie is my Sous Chef - here cutting up apples
Nick starts each morning with some hot
chocolate and whipped cream
We did some trail work clearing a path in the woods.
George, Daniel, Cookie and Tommy lift a tree out of the way.
Scott uses the chain saw to cut away fallen trees
Archery was a favorite pastime. Here Daniel
aim at the bull's eye
George bought a special bow for Cookie
and she became quite proficient. Nick was
already very experienced!
Cookie's Newt!
Jonathan walked some of the way but was glad to get a
ride back with George and Zoe
Grandpa made chocolate ice cream for desert and everyone
loved it. Here Shira looks on enviously at Jonathan's
We played lots of games! Here Daniel playing chess with
Michal. Nick and Maya also played chess with several
of the adults. 
Sorry probably took the prize for the most played game,
with Carcassonne second. Here George, Zoe, Tommy and
Nick play while Grandpa looks on.

There was also time for a good book as Zoe shows here.
Cookie inspired Grammy to get outside and paint. She's
using colored pencils and watercolors here.
Maya did some drawing too and helped Grammy with her
Jonathan looks very intellectual with
Grandpa's glasses.

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