Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Placencia, Belize

Brenda's Cafe is a basic restaurant in Placencia. We had
lunch there under the trees - fish, rice, beans and salad

Omar's on the main road is covered in flowering vines and
a good spot for breakfast after a long walk.

We spent several weeks in Placencia and enjoyed every minute. Although on the mainland it is surrounded by water and the harbor provided good holding and protection from every direction but south. We were able to take on water at the former Moorings dock and enjoyed many of the great and reasonable restaurants. We even went to a dinner dance one night at Dawn's Grill and Go. It was easy to meet people here, other cruisers, locals and expats who have retired here or bought businesses. We're looking forward to returning next year. But our time in the tropics was coming to a close and we needed to head south again. Our close friends Walt and Honoree on "Will O' the Wisp" sailed up from Honduras to meet us in the Sapadillas so we provisioned up and joined them there at Frank's Cay. More to come.
Belize breakfast, eggs, beans, cheese, and fry jacks

The mile long sidewalk through town used to be the "street"
but a tarmac road was built a few years ago

Belizeians love color

Morning walks down the sidewalk

Lined with gift shops, B&Bs, and restaurants

Another view of the sidewalk with cascading
boginvillas in pink and white

You can also walk the beach which extends for miles
along the harbor and an adjoining bay

This looks like Rose of Sharon but probably is

On the other side of the town from the bay is a lagoon
which stretches for many miles making Placencia almost
an island. It's lined with lovely homes protected from the

I'm not sure whether the name of this restaurant is appropriate
as we didn't eat there but the Excellent Chinese Restaurant
makes a good viewing spot for the semi pro soccor game

Scott Free at anchor off the beach in Placencia

We met Sue at the Paradise Restaurant. She has just
purchased Placencia Cabanas nearby
This charming Polish couple are Captain (her) and Mate
on one of the Trade-winds charters. We met them in
 Ranguana and again for dinner at Rum Fish
We met Steve when we first arrived and enjoyed many
breakfasts with him at Meedy's Cafe on the sidewalk.
That's Meedy on the right.
But mostly we hung out at Yoli's, the cruiser favorite
on the harbor. The BBQ on Sunday was a highlight here
and we got to know a lot of the locals who regard this
as a second home. Owner Yoli and bartender Eric are
great people.

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