Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Family Time Finally

Sean and Will ran the Capitol Hill Classic 10K race on Saturday
 morning. Three thousand people participated in this and
the shorter 3K distance. Sean came in 19th and Will 25th.
Sean's pace was 5:59 minutes. It was a hot day too.
We had a great dinner at Proof, a trendy excellent restaurant
in the Penn Quarter with Will's parents, Gary and Kathy
DeKrey who were visiting from Minneapolis. James and
Morgen joined us as well.
We flew Spirit Airlines through Ft. Lauderdale to Washington DC. Spirit was by far the cheapest alternative although we paid $53 for each check in bag ($28 per bag at the time you book and then $25 at the airport for overweight - our bags weighed about 48 pounds each). We didn't have carry on bags but if you do they are $30 on line at booking or $40 at the desk. Another odd detail, you can't bring water on board the plane. They sell water on board.
 We stopped for four nights to see our two youngest sons, James and Sean. The Capitol Hills District where they live is really lovely and every garden was riotous with flowers. We walked Sean down to work the next morning, stopping at Ted's Bulletin (505 8th SE) for a great breakfast. We never buy their homemade pop tarts but they always look great.
Friday night we had fun dinner out at Karl and Kris's home, James girlfriend Morgen's parents, in Maryland. Then Saturday we met Will's parents, Gary and Kathy visiting from Minneapolis, at Proof (775 G St. NW) for a fantastic dinner. Sunday Sean hosted a brunch followed by a BBQ at his home for family and friends - all day great food and fun. A diet is in my immediate future.
Monday we were off again to Boston to see our oldest son Josh, his wife Michal and five of our grandchildren; Daniel (9), Ariella (7), Maya (5), Jonathan (23 months) and Shira (6 months). Josh is a radiation oncologist and has just bought a practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma so they'll be moving out there soon. A big change for us as they've been the only one of our children close by geographically.
On Thursday we finally flew home to Rutland, VT on Cape Air. It is really fun flying in this tiny plane - only 10 passengers and yet again Scott was co-pilot (not really but he sat there). Our home looked great after so long away and our garden amazing. We'll be back for six months now. Imagine that, all in one stretch. We'll see...
Sean, Will, Gary and Kathy in Sean's kitchen
James and Morgen at the Sean's BBQ
Our oldest son Josh and his wife Michal have five kids -
here Daniel, Ariella and Shira with Grammy
Grandpa and Shira adore each other.
And she's still small enough to easily carry
Daniel practices his dribbling in the kitchen
And Ariella her piano.
Jonathan rides his horse
Maya's off to school, ever fashionable.
Even when adding a raincoat!
I'm going to brag now...Jonathan knows all his letters and
also the sound they make. He's not yet 2!

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