Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Toulouse, La Ville Rose

We picked up a new Renault Clio in Paris
for a 2 month lease. It's small but peppy
and has a great GPS system - manual of course
The Basilique St. Sernin, Frances'  largest and best preserved
Romanesque Cathedral and really beautiful
A look inside - we were lucky enough
to hear the massive organ being played
This is a big University town and was bustling with
students and working people
The fast food options are a lot more attractive than in most
U.S. cities (but they do have a McDonald's - yeck)
Even the little details, here a door
knocker, are charming
Happily we opted for a beautiful restaurant on the main
Place de Capitol
Art here is serious or...
not serious
The Hotel d'Assezat, once a fabulous
private home and now a great art museum
Scott along the Garonne River
Toulouse's Pont Neuf's mighty supports
La Ville Rose is due to the local red brick
Violets are special here and used in everything!
The list of store topics speaks for itself here. This is a city of students.

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Christine said...

wow looks like you are having wonderful weather and having a great time! I just got home yesterday....are you able to do any drawing? enjoy each moment!