Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Solar Panel Array and Lean-To Update

Putting together the racks which will hold the solar panels

And here they are all finish. Each one can hold up to 4
solar panels

Two trucks arrived with the solar panels and additional
equipment. The one on the right went off the road where
our stream had flooded during the hurricane but was towed
back on.

Scott with his 27 solar panels

Scott and Greg Miller lifting the middle solar panel in place

The last panel was very difficult. To fasten in the brackets
at the top, they had to go to the very end step of the

Gail Smith inspecting the backs of the solar panels. Scott
is now wiring up each panel to the cable which runs
underground back to our house

Tyler working on the inverter
which is mounted on the outside
of the house

Poor Oscar, our master electrician running wiring under the
fuel storage area

Scott screwing in the standing seam metal roofing

The roofing material is slippery. Scott needed to have
his sneakers on the material, not his jeans so couldn't
kneel to fasten on the ridge piece.

Ted and Juanita Tumelaire from
Chattanoga, TN, came for a visit

Ted volunteered to help and nailed in the edge of the
front roofing while Scott held the ladder. The exterior of
the shelter is now complete. We just have to load all this
wood into the shelter for the winter. Next summer we'll
build the interior bunks and finish the table.

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