Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bimini Bound

A most unusual house decorated with shells and stone and
and above Scott & I at dinner our first night.
We left Marathon about noon, Scott and I stopping to fill up no fuel and water first. It had been weeks since a weather window had opened up so a lot of boats were crossing. Ahead of us were Crayola, Alice May, Sea Flame and Sea Hawk. Later Kevin on Vagabundo joined us, having spent the night further north. It was great sailing the whole way and in fact got into Bimini much earlier than expected. Later that night swells from the SW knocked us around quite a bit but we got some sleep. As usual we were worried about the depth in the channel so our catamarin buddies went in first and reported no problem.
We had made reservations at the Sea Crest Marina but they had screwed them up - happily we were all accommodated at the Blue Water Marina, a very nice place with a pool!
Marie welcomed us to the dock with Mimosas! GOOD MORNING!
We checked in with Customs and then took a nap. That evening we went to the Big Game Resort for dinner on their local's night - $9.95 for dinner with 2 for $5 drinks - terrific! To work off our meal we walked the beach on the ocean side with an almost full moon.
The next morning we had time to walk around the island - sleepy but charming. Happily we found a baker and bought fresh bread - coconut and honey wheat. Peter and Julie bought rum raisin. We split the loafs in three and shared them among our three boats. The local museum documented the fascinating history of this famous fishing destination with pictures of the big game fishermen and women who stayed here. Now with faster boats most people can come fish and then return to Florida on the same day. Now this is a quiet spot with only a few small hotels. That is except for the big development on the north end that could be on it's own island - only megayachts and millionaires welcome!
The beach on the Atlantic side of Bimini
The largest piece of driftwood I've ever seen!
Scott on Scott Free at the Blue Water Marina after
a long night crossing the Gulf Stream from the Keys

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