Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon FL

Our Scott Free sign on the post outside the
City Marina 

Our portable herb garden - basil, rosemary
thyme and parsley

Glen and Brenda on Young at Heart

We didn't mean to stay so long in Boot Key Harbor but week by week we remained. Of course Russ' lovely home on Duck Key was nearby. We stayed there one weekend while he was away and watched the Oscar Ceremonies (and swam, bicycled and walked all over). We made a number of friends in the harbor, some of whom are pictured here. And there was the dominos, the SSCA lunch, the HAM operators lunch, the "Meet and Greet pot luck" etc. 
We explored a lot of the area with our feet. Heather needed to walk at least an hour every day so we discovered some back streets and happily nearby Sombrero Key. We could dinghy there and leave our boat at the Dockside Restaurant while we walked all over the island.
The time went by quickly and then we waited for weather for the trip across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas. A group of  boaters met once a week to share weather and plans - the Bahamas Bound meeting. There we met a number of boats we were to see often during our stay in the Bahamas. Two of them became our buddy boats; Julie and Peter on Anything Goes and Marie and Ron on Mollie Bloom. More about them in my next post.

Scott walking down just one of the many dinghy docks at
the City Marina. There are 250 always full moorings there!

The SSCA luncheon, attended by fifty cruisers - more than
a bit of a challange for the one waitress!

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