Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas in Vermont

I've included some views of our new home here. That's several angles of the living room and our Christmas tree. Our grandchildren named it "The Hundred Acre Wood", being all huge Winnie the Pooh fans. We've had the whitest November and December in years. The skiing has been great but we can cross country or snow shoe right from our door too. That's Daniel skiing with Josh on the right. Not long after this shot he was skiing on his own - and did an intermediate slope before the week was out.

We were lucky to have all three sons home for Christmas. James took the bus from NYC and met us in Boston on Saturday the 22nd. for our Holiday Open House - this year at our friends the Wolfs in Concord (see my previous Blog entry). Sean flew from Aspen later that night, where he was attending a training session for work. We four drove home to Vermont Sunday morning. Josh, Michal and our three grandchildren joined us on Christmas day. We had a huge prime rib roast beef for dinner that night and even my three sons couldn't finish it!
We watched a lot of movies over the week. Disney's animated "Robin Hood" and the classic "Winnie the Pooh" were the favorites of all. Somewhat more adult favorites were mostly sequels, "Harry Potter", "Spiderman", "Bourne Ultimate" etc. That's Josh with Daniel with a tense bit of something and Ariella in her leopard pjs!

We still do stockings for the two youngest boys with mostly chocolate, DVDs and books this year. There was still one toy each - matching radio controlled helicopters that dueled all over our high ceiling living room. That's Sean in his Columbian soccor shirt and James with me, dressed in the fluffiest white bathrobe he gave me. Hits with the grandchildren were toys, toys and toys - plus books and DVDs - no clothes please!On December 27 Daniel celebrated his fifth birthday. He chose a chocolate on chocolate cake combination (we made it) and decorated it with candles - great with lots of ice cream.

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