Monday, December 24, 2007

The 38th Annual Holiday Open House

That's son James and Jennie, the Wolf's oldest daughter on the left with Pam Pinsky and myself on the right.

Below left (left to right) is Carole Sharoff, Gene Brzek, his son Brian and wife Julie. On the right below is Debbie D'Arpa and Marty Wolf (on the right). Below that on the left is Bill Fonvielle and Susan Youmans.

In 1969 Heather had her first Holiday Open House with her roommate Juanita Head on Marlboro St. in Boston. Their second was at a new apartment on Newbury Street. Later it continued there with her next roommate Karen Dunn and even later with successor Kathy Herald. In 1976 Heather bought one of the first condos for sale in Boston at 311 Commonwealth Ave. and the party moved there first with Kathy and then with Scott. After their marriage they bought a Victorian in Brookline and for 23 years we had the annual event there.

In the early days we made the ornaments for the tree at the party and those ornaments still hang on our present tree, bringing back some wonderful memories. At first also we were almost all single and childless. Then spouses and children joined us and every year we all got older. Our oldest son Joshua now has given us the next generation!
When we sold our Brookline home and bought "Scott Free" several friends volunteered to host the party at their home. Karen Martin (my ex-roommate and cohostess years before, Karen Dunn) and her husband Ted hosted the first two new Holiday Open Houses in their beautiful home in Winchester, MA. This year for the second time Russ and Marty Wolf have been our hosts in Concord, MA. The guest list is pretty much the same but it's so much more fun for Scott and I. We now plan, cook and decorate with great friends.
From left to right on the left is Josh with Maya, Russ Wolf, and Karen & Ted Martin. Below right is Julie Wolf reading to Ariella.

This year, like many in the past, coincided with Scott's birthday, his 60th. Unfortunately a northeaster storm was also predicted to share the date - a big one. For the first time ever we postponed the party a week! We still had a cake for Scott - along with a groaning table of other desserts. Of course these followed the appetisers, turkey, ham, salads, veggies, pasta, and meatballs & sausage & sauce.

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