Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Water Sports in Bonaire

The next few days we spent on water sports and socializing. Honoree and Walt on "Will of the Wisp" came over for dinner and then we spent a day on their boat scuba diving and snorkeling off Klein Bonaire. These shots are all taken that day. Even though the weather and water is quite warm, wet suits help keep one warm when in the water for some time, or diving deeper.

Another day we did the same with Peter and Connie on "Justoo" at the dive mooring site called "A Thousand Steps" north of Kralenduk with Coleen and Tom from "Unplugged" joining us. Both these boats are 38 feet and therefore can moor at the special dive moorings. That's the limit on size. The snorkeling and diving is famous here and justifiably so. In July when Scott and I fly back to Curacao, our son Sean and a friend will be joining us for 20 days. They and I plan to get our PADI Basic Scuba certifications in Bonaire. Scott already has his and may do an advanced course.

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