Tuesday, November 07, 2023

October Travels

The view from our RV site

Looking at Baby & Junior


We decided that this year we were not going to scare ourselves silly getting the RV out of here in the winter. Two years of digging her out of 2 -3 feet of snow and skidding sideways down the driveway etc. is over. We drove Baby down to the Bar Harbor RV Park near my sister in Belcamp, MD and she'll stay there until we pick her up on the way south at the end of the year. 

We enjoyed a little free time sightseeing around
the Havre de Grace area at the head of the
Chesapeake Bay.

It was convenient too as we stayed there during the week we spent visiting my sister Paula at her long term health facility and cleaning out her apartment. It was a lot of work, but it's over. We packed our truck with mostly family pieces, gave a lot to her synagogue & friends, some to Goodwill and a removal company picked up the rest. 

We had a good visit with Paula. Scott and I brought coffee and enjoyed an early morning visit and then came in again with dinner. I made some of her favorites and brought them down from Vermont. She is reasonably happy there. Let's face it, no one wants to live in a nursing home. But her life at her apartment was very lonely and dangerous. She was having difficulty walking at all and almost never left the house. Now that she can't even get out of bed, this is the only choice. And she's had some nice roommates!

After that we paid another visit to Sean, Will and Rowan. We stayed for Halloween and what a good time. Their street is a popular one for trick or treaters. People come from all over the area to walk down their block. Many of the homes were decorated and almost everyone was out with their treats. Will's dad Gary was enjoying the last few days of his visit to them from Minnesota. It was fun for us to spend time with him as well. But of course the big draw is Rowan, Lots of photos here of course!

It was a furry family and happily warm 
outfits on the cold but clear night.

Their home was very welcoming with a fog 
machine and lots of lights. 

Sean had a few items to dress us up for the 
holiday. Scott's was really fun!

Looking a little wistful here He's just starting
to sit up 
But he laughs and smiles a lot. Why not, life
is very good for him!
We went out to dinner one night. Everyone had a good time.

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